Fetolita moisturizing foot cream

Many people think of foot cream as an additional and not needed step in their routine. But taking care of your feet and keeping them hydrated and soft is something really important if you want to feel good in your body.

Cold weather, thick socks and boots can have a tool on your feet. The skin gets easily hardened and dry. It loses moisture faster and the texture can become rough.
To avoid that, you should apply Fetolita foot cream every day to clean foot. The cream will hydrate your feet and give them the needed moisture.

Why choose Fetolita cream?

There are many creams available on the market, all offering different results. Our cream has high- quality ingredients that make it really creamy and allow the product to penetrate the skin deeply. It locks in moisture and smooths away roughness.

Natural glycerin

Natural glycerin has many benefits for the skin. It helps effectively moisturize the skin. It boosts the skin’s ability to keep moisture in and leaves the skin smooth. Glycerin helps nourish skin and maintains water balance.

Cocoa butter

Another really powerful ingredient that leaves the skin soft and silky. It has amazing moisturizing properties and it penetrates the skin deeply. Cocoa butter has a really pleasant smell and turns rough skin into butter soft skin.


Lavender has been long used for its calming and soothing properties and it is another great and powerful ingredient. It helps the skin keep its natural moisture and helps the skin stay bacteria- free.

About our product:
  • Foot cream

  • Natural formula

  • Hydrates the skin

And more..
  • Provides long- lasting results

  • Smooths very dry and rough feet

Price: € 32.00


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